We offer many services from electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic installations. We have the capability of not only engineering many of the automated solutions we provide, but we also have the capability of installing complete automation systems. Our installation teams are experienced in installing many diverse types of equipment from simple wiring installations to full complex automation systems that require mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic controls.

Electrical Installations

We provide complete electrical installation of equipment and systems. Using the latest tools, standards, and technologies, our team consistently completes projects on time and within budget. We are able to schedule our work around your production time, as necessary, in order to minimize project conflicts. Our work areas are kept organized which helps keep our customer's staff and our installation team efficient and safe. All work is done safely following the latest standards and requirements.

We are a licensed contractor in the State of Ohio, bonded and insured. We can obtain permits when needed for installations. We also work closely with partner contractors when we are required to obtain permits for out of state projects.

Mechanical Installations

Control Electric has experienced installation crews that have the knowledge and proper training to install material handling conveyors, industrial equipment, integrated conveyor systems, automated conveyor controls, and more. Our conveyor and mechanical installation teams have over 30 years experience installing and moving conveyors, equipment, mezzanines or any other types of material handling equipment. Our crews travel nationwide and arrive when & where our clients need us.

Pneumatic Installations

Our experienced staff has the knowledge and proper training to install pneumatic systems including, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and all types of plastic air lines.

We are trained in the installation of TransAir Piping Systems. TransAir, a product line by Parker Hannifin, is a quick connection piping solution for liquid, inert gases, and compressed air.